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Frequent Questions

How do I pay rent?

Rent can be paid in a variety of ways. You are more than welcome to pay with a check or money order in the office and we also accept credit, debit, and e-checks through our resident portal.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first of each month until the expiration of your lease agreement.

Can friends room together? How?

Friends can absolutely room together! Let us know in your roommate matching survey who you would like to be placed with and once all parties have signed lease agreements you will be moved into the same unit! We recommend signing up early so we can guarantee your roommate preferences!

Can residents have overnight guests?

Absolutely! Consult your lease agreement to see how many days and how many guests you can host in your unit at a specific time!

Can residents cancel their contracts?

We do not allow you to break your lease contract, however we do allow all residents to go through the release process outlined in your lease agreement. Ask a leasing specialist how you can be released from your contract prior to the lease end date.

Do I need rental insurance for my personal belongings?

Yes. We do require each resident to purchase and maintain an active renters insurance policy.

Who should I contact if I have a maintenance problem?

You can put in a maintenance request online via your resident portal.

Can I see an apartment prior to moving in?

Of course! Schedule a tour today!

How do roommates work?

We have a roommate matching program! If you are not coming with a roommate, we will match you with someone you’ll likely get along with! 😊

Are there washer and dryers in the apartment?

Yes! We do provide a washer & dryer in each unit.

Do we have monthly cleaning checks?

Yes! We want to make sure you are living in a clean environment!

Is smoking and drinking allowed?

NO! Smoking and Drinking is not allowed.

Is it a safe community?

Yes! We have rules in place to help keep the community safe.

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